The 18th year anniversary of the Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposia (CBMTS)





Spiez Laboratory

The Ninth Plenary

Spiez , Switzerland
07 May - 10 May 2012


Spiez Switzerland


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SPIEZ LABORATORY, Applied Science & Analysis (ASA) and International Institute for Non-Proliferation Studies (IINPS) have partnered together so that the CBMTS returns to the original setting where this highly respected series began in 1994. Dr. Marc Cadisch, Director SPIEZ LABORATORY and his staff are hosting and co-sponsoring this 18th year anniversary meeting of the CBMTS. Dr. Cadisch will open the CBMTS IX on Monday 07 May 2012. IINPS is newly formed with Peter Lejeune as chairman.

The CBMTS IX will explore the scientific, medical, operational and policy aspects of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) warfare and terrorism. We will consider the effects of CBRN agents wrongly used, intentional or accidental, on the community and individuals, military and civilian, and on the infrastructure of government. CBMTS IX will emphasize CBRN detection, decontamination and treatment; incident response (including emergency, disaster and crisis management); and, nonproliferation (including arms control, disarmament, dual-use, etc.).

The CBMTS IX venue has a physical limit of 130 participants – so please REGISTER EARLY.

A. Objective

Bring together the professionals most concerned with the scientific, technical and policy aspects of problems associated with the CBRN and WMD threats.

B. Symposium Model

To ensure the free flow of ideas, the CBMTS IX will continue with the CBMTS tradition of a relaxed shirt-sleeve environment, a first name basis in very short order, and as always a very enjoyable camaraderie between all participants. To encourage free discussions, attribution of any comments is permitted only with author/speaker consent.

C. Who Should Attend?

Industry, government and academic professionals with an interest in the CBRN threat, whether the threat is from war, terrorist actions, accidents or incidents, natural or man-made. These include defense professionals; toxicology, medical, public health and medical research professionals; local, regional and national laboratory representatives; first responders and Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) specialists including emergency, crisis management and mitigation, and civil defense personnel; defense and protection industry scientists and engineers; senior policy makers; and specialists in computer risk modeling and planning and training.

D. Proposed topic areas

CBRN detection, decontamination and treatment;
Incident response (including emergency, disaster and crisis management); and,
Nonproliferation (including arms control, disarmament, dual-use, security matters, etc.).

E. Format

Podium presentations: 20 minutes, with an additional five minutes for questions and discussion.

Poster presentations require a three-slide presentation (title, author, topic).
Poster size is 1.00m (W) x 1.40m (H).

F. Abstract Submission

Abstracts will be 250 words or less, not including title, authors, organizations, and contact information. Full instructions are at .

Each participant with accepted abstract is encouraged to supply a passport photo and a short biography of max. 75 words. This will be inserted into the Technical Program and Proceedings along with the Abstract and Paper.

G. Registration

Participation is based on abstract acceptance and/or geographical representation. Registration requires abstract submission. Once the International Science Review Committee has reviewed abstracts, registrations and abstracts acceptance will be confirmed.

For those participants requesting financial support, registrations and abstracts must be received by 15 December 2011.

Registrations must be sent by email (subject: CBMTS IX) or by fax to the CBMTS IX Team.

H. Dates

1 September 2011 – Registration opens

15 December 2011 – Abstracts for participants seeking support due

15 January 2012 – All abstracts due

20 March 2012 – Early registration fees end

15 April 2012 – All papers due

07 May 2012 – CBMTS IX begins

I. Contact Information


ASA, Dr. Barbara Price
Tel.: +1 808 235 8010
Fax.: +1 808 432 9670

IINPS, Mr. Peter Lejeune
Tel.: +1 703 992 4010
Tel.: +1 703 319 2031 (Office)
Fax.: +1 703 459 9618

Tel.: +41 33 228 1586
Fax.: +41 33 228 1402

Note: All message traffic, should go to all three emails or faxes from ASA, IINPS and SPIEZ LABORATORY. Please include CBMTS IX in the subject line.

J. Registration fees for CBMTS IX

Before 20 March 2012 After 20 March 2012
Government/Academia CHF 750 CHF 900
Industry CHF 900 CHF 1050
Payment is accepted by the following credit cards; Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard, and American Express or via bank transfer.

The following is included in the Registration Fee:
Technical Program, Proceedings, all lunches and dinners, as well as the Symposium Dinner and shuttle service from the CBMTS Hotels in Spiez to SPIEZ LABORATORY from Monday 07 May – Thursday 10 May 2012.

K. Registration Refund policy

Until 26 March 2012 = 90% refund.
From 27 March 2012 until 24 April 2012 = 75% refund.
No refund after 25 April 2012.

L. Hotel Accommodation

All participants are responsible for making their own hotel reservations.
SPIEZ LABORATORY has negotiated CBMTS rates with several hotels in Spiez. There will be a CBMTS shuttle service for the duration of the symposium to/from SPIEZ LABORATORY and the CBMTS hotels in Spiez. Once registered and accepted, please make reservations at the hotels. Hotel information can be found on:

M. Sponsors

Sponsorships by government organizations, institutions and industries are crucial to the success of the CBMTS IX and are a vital part of CBMTS. Sponsorship funding provides the primary source of revenue used to assist many CBMTS professionals, especially those from developing countries, to attend the CBMTS meetings.

The CBMTS IX is hosted and partly sponsored by SPIEZ LABORATORY, along with the Government of Switzerland. ASA works in partnership with the host to ensure that the symposium meets the goals and objectives of SPIEZ LABORATORY and the CBMTS.

There are three sponsorship levels for CBMTS meetings:

Silver Sponsor

Includes: Up to two industry registrations, plus half page advert space in the program and proceedings, plus one half page space in the ASA Newsletter CHF 2500

Gold Sponsor

Includes: Up to three industry registrations, plus full page advert space in the program and proceedings, plus full page space in the ASA Newsletter
CHF 4500

Platinum Sponsor

Includes: Up to four industry registrations, plus full page advert space in the program and proceedings, plus full page space in the ASA Newsletter
CHF 7500

Only sponsors will be permitted to include product and service brochures in the conference package.

Sponsors may also present papers, subject to review by the International Science Review Committee. Please note that any abstracts are due by 15 January 2012.

N. Fellowships and support

There will be a limited support of professionals from developing countries and countries with economies in transition. For any support, the participant must be registered and have submitted an abstract by 15 December 2011.
Recognizing that available funds for Fellowships will be limited, the CBMTS Executive Organizing Committee will more favorably consider specific requests for partial funding than for those participants seeking full support.



Spiez, Switzerland.



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