The 18th meeting in the CBMTS series:

CBMTS - Industry VII: New Formats and Sessions

"World Congress on CBRN Threat and Terrorism"

Dubrovnik, Croatia
10 through 15 April 2011

There have been six international CBMTS Industry Symposia, which have always dealt with chemical, biological and radiological threats, including forms and potential agents, and weapons, which often are not covered by standard international legal or political definitions. Often such topics have been proclaimed as borderline cases or “grey areas” by international organizations and even politicians, but after discussions these cases or “grey areas” become part of international standards in protection and defense against terrorism. The CBMTS international organization and scientific committees are proud of these facts.
And in this, the International Organization and Research Committee for the next International Congress of CBMTS Industry VII, along with the traditional theme of nuclear and radiological, chemical, and biological and toxin weapons, their detection, analysis, personal and collective protection, decontamination and medical countermeasures, has decided on the following innovations for the meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 10-15 April 2011.

1. We are introducing a new sector called Modern/Advanced scientific and technological approaches to the CBRN threats. This has been created in response to industries, laboratories and scientific institutions - the creators and producers of resources and equipment in the field CBRN protection. This provides the opportunity for these organizations to present their new strategic concepts for the development and manufacture of protective devices and equipment, detection and decontamination and will give users a chance for mutual dialogue, checking their positions, projects and programs. In addition to these scientific discussions, these industries and organizations will be able to have technical demonstrations and exhibitions related to where they will be able to present their specific products to potential customers from around the world.

2. There will be a new sector on policy and non-proliferation, counterterrorism and dual use in the scope of international organizations. Dr. Gabriele Kraatz-Wadsack, PhD, Chief of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Branch, Department of Disarmament Affairs, United Nations and very well known international expert, will lead this sector with the goal to increase international cooperation in the fight against terrorism. To join in this important effort the CBMTS Organizing Committee plans to invite representatives to participate from the 1540 Committee, The Counterterrorism Task Force, the UN Institute for Crime and Justice (UNICRI), the OPCW, IAEA, WHO, INTERPOL, World Customs Organization and the International Maritime Organization plus other national and international level organizations and institutions with an understanding of the complex issues involved.

3. The Textile Technology Faculty University of Zagreb will lead the new sector titled: Protective materials, clothing and equipment against CBRN threats. We plan to give the Congress new impetus to include work and scientists in the field of protective textile materials and share knowledge in this vital area with the experience with of users of these materials. These faculties have extensive experience in the organization of the Congresses and International Textile, Clothing and Design Conferences.

4. The International Organization The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS) has been invited to be a major arranger/organizer/coordinator for Emergency and Disaster Management for this World Congress and to head up a major Sector, tentatively titled as the Global International Emergency and Disaster Management Sector. The goal is to share knowledge and experience in defining standard operating procedures in case of NRBC threats.

5. The Congress Organizing Committee has appointed sector managers in advance, with the goal of increasing the participation of scientists and experts, recognized international leaders in their fields, so that they can be more involved in determining the directions and goals of the discussion in their respective sectors, and especially make them more valuable for international security.

Respected former and future participants of the Congress, we invite you to join us and thus become part of the world's elite providing, determining and planning modern forms and methods of protection and defense of CBRN terrorism.

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