NBC Protection Project in Turkey

ASA’s NBC design team (Richard and Barbara Price and Fran Crimmins) have been working with Altan & Tuncer Ltd. Co. of Ankara, Turkey on the new semi-hardened military police building at Incirlik Air Base. Despite the earthquake in Adana and a strike by Turkish workers, Mustafa Kemal Altan, principal architect of Altan and Tuncer, and Bob Wiley, of Wiley Associates, Lubbock Texas, has kept the work on and ahead of schedule. To save time, Altan & Tuncer proceeded with a comprehensive design and submissions that enabled us to skip the preliminary design phase and shorten the concept design phase and move right into the Final Design.

Altan & Tuncer Ltd. Co. has a long and successful track record in conducting multi disciplined, International Architect - Engineer Services. Various semi hardened or fully hardened and NBC protected facilities have been designed by A&T for different clients. Since 1986, numerous projects of different clients from various countries, have been successfully completed within the budget and scheduled time frame. The technical team of A&T brings to the projects a depth of experience and knowledge that has been developed as a result of years of experience.

For immediate assistance within these areas, please contact Mustafa Kemal Altan, Altan & Tuncer Ltd. Co. of Ankara, at e-mail: art@turnet.net.tr or tel: 90-312-229-9312 or fax: 90-312-231-8938.

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